What You Can Do
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The best way to get involved with PCL is to stay up-to-date by Facebook and Twitter.
Get Email Updates
To receive our monthly email updates, you  “join our list” on our Facebook page or email us at info@pcl.is.
Support PCL’s projects directly by giving of your resources online. 100% of all online donations go straight to our projects. Our administrative fees are raised separately.We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so 100% of your donation is also tax deductible.
Start a Campaign
Start a People for Care & Learning chapter on your campus, in your church, or in your city. People are looking around for a leader to help them take steps in the fight against extreme poverty. Perhaps that leader is you. Set goals and go after them. Bring People for Care & Learning to your community and to others around the world.We are currently developing campaign resources for download that will be available. In the meantime, use the button below to contact us and we’ll send whatever resources you need.
Travel With Us
Take a short-term Care and Learning Journey with one of PCL’s teams.Join a team today and start making a world of difference. These trips provide an opportunity to both observe and contribute to PCL’s work firsthand.
We need volunteers to help our efforts in the United States. Sign up on our E-List and we’ll be sure to let you know when an event is coming to your city.
Sponsor a Child
We are raising more than 50 children through our orphanages in Siem Reap & Phnom Penh. We can’t do it without your help.
Send a Kid to College
For $50 a month you could pay for one of our children to go to college. Your tax deductible donation will be an investment in the lives of these wonderful children.
Clean Water: Build a Well -or- Buy a Filter
We provide clean water to families with $12 water filters that last an entire year and educate communities about the benefits of using filtered water. We dig wells in villages and are experimenting with solar water purifying systems on the Tonle Sap lake.
Get Creative
Take that skill set you’ve been given and rock it out to end poverty. Do you paint? Write? Draw? sculpt? Got a band? Perform a benefit concert. Know a band? Tell them about PCL and see if they want to help. Write a song, a poem, or a book and use your gift to share hope. Got a blog? Write about PCL.