Want to change the world – and to be changed in the process?

Take a short-term Care and Learning Journey with one of PCL’s teams. Travel, learn, and work alongside other volunteers from around the USA. Join a team today and start making a world of difference. These trips provide an opportunity to both observe and contribute to PCL’s work firsthand. Each traveling group form a once-in-a-lifetime bond as they travel, live, work, eat and experience another culture together.

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Upload the completed forms below. You can fill in the forms using Adobe Acrobat (download here), or print them out and scan the forms once completed. Rename your files using this example format :June2014-Trip_Personal-Covenant-Form_Your-Name.pdf

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If you cannot upload the forms for some reason, simply email all the completed forms to with the subject line “Application forms for [enter trip name]” or mail them to our office at this address: People for Care and Learning, 4235 TL Rogers St NE, Cleveland TN 37312.

Approved for a Trip?

Congrats! We know you’re so excited about this awesome traveling opportunity with PCL, so here’s the Pre-departure Guide to help you be thoroughly informed and prepared! Need a sample Itinerary? Click here. Need to do more research on PCL or our many projects? Go to our Vimeo page and watch our videos.

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