Thank You to Give and Receive!
Dec 17

People for Care and Learning is honored to work with many partner organizations. One of those organizations is Give and Receive. They have recently matched one of our house parties and have been consistently working to connect us with donors and philanthropic entities. PCL would like to say a big THANKS to Give and Receive. Click the link below to go to their website and read more about them below.

Give & Receive is a US federal tax-exempt 501(c) 3 organization whose mission is to improve the way individuals and businesses give time, money and other resources to various charitable causes. Focused on eleven (11) key areas, ranging from children’s issues to global economic empowerment, the organization partners with strong charities operating in various regions of the world.
Simply put, we connect resources to needs around the world. We verify legitimate organizations and couple them with devoted people of all ages who have a passion for giving. Most importantly, we understand that when people give time, money or other resources, they also receive.

Notably, 100% of fees donated through Give & Receive programs go directly to the designated charities as Give & Receive does not add administrative fees or other charges for the growing non-profit organizations it assists in raising funds or finding volunteers. Instead, Give & Receive covers its operating costs through private donations, and by offering value-added services to business owners.

We’re Bursting at the Seams!
Nov 06

The Common Grounds Learning Center has been full to overflowing for the past year and a half. Averaging 130 students per term, while still turning students away due to lack of space, we believe we have the perfect combination of native-speaking English teachers and affordable prices. This means that we think we will continue to grow [...]

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Cambodian Elections
Oct 11

Razor wire, APC’s, demonstrations, hunger strikes, marches. These are among the terms that re-entered everyday vocabulary in Phnom Penh the last two months as the July 28 elections results were contested. This dispute between the ruling CPP party and opposition CNRP led residents to become all too familiar with another term- ‘uncertainty.’ Open a new business or [...]

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Sep 30

Honesty is a simple word and sometimes even a simple concept, but it is not always easy to live or to teach in a culture that values harmony over truth. Since coming to Cambodia, this has been a constant search for me.  How to teach honesty to a people that I know must learn it [...]

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A Snapshot of Strength
Sep 23

Meet Bormei, VeunCheung and Vanditha. They like drawing, American cartoons and Rubik’s Cubes. Two of them are under the age of 15. They are funny. They are smart. And they are all members of the Learning Center’s most advanced English class. In fact, they are the only members. At one time there were more of [...]

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The Mission of Hope
Sep 09

The two boys in the pictures below represent the core, missional philosophy of PCL, which is to “inspire hope and empower potential.” Their names are Piseth and Kosal and they are living witnesses that our missional philosophy works, and is not merely a cliché term we use to haphazardly  “rubber-stamp” our activities. Both of them graduated [...]

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A Mighty Little Army
Aug 20

These children are mighty because they are filling their minds with knowledge, strength, understanding, peace, love, patience, and perseverance.  They are learning characteristics that will hopefully last throughout their lifetime.   One by one, they impact those they encounter and become a method of change for their country.  They push on in tough times, they love [...]

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A Life Changed By the Mushroom Project
Aug 06

Allow me to introduce you to Bun Lai.  She is a widow who lives in a small but typical Cambodian village.  She is extremely poor.  Even though most Westerners visiting this village would instantly decide that everyone is poor, there are actual varying degrees of poverty that exist even in this village and Bun Lai [...]

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PCL Management Institute
Jun 23

Phnom Penh Management Institute (PMI) provides its students, mainly from provincial areas, educational opportunities that they otherwise would not have due to economic hardship. PMI offers associate degrees in English in two majors; Literature and TESOL, and associate degree in Business Administration in three majors; Management, Accounting and Marketing. Internship during the last term of [...]

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May 27

Recently, I read that it is a writer’s job “to make the world visible.”  Today that is my goal–to take a small aspect of Cambodian life that may be “hidden” to most readers and make it “visible.” Most reading this blog right now know that I am writing this from the poorest country in SE [...]

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Creative Writing
May 06

It’s been particularly fun seeing our kids from the Pace Children’s Home grow intellectually in the past year and a half that I’ve been here.  For most teachers in the US, they have a group of students for nine months and then start all over again with new students.  I have the privilege of continuing [...]

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