Angkor Wat Bike Race and Run
Dec 05

This past weekend was an exciting one here in Siem Reap!  We had a team of three guys travel all the way from the States with one of our PCL staff members, Jake Stum, to participate in several days of biking including the official Angkor Wat Bike Race and Run.  We also had our Director, Dr. Fred Garmon, join us for a few days, including race day!

The following pictures are just a few snapshots of how joyful and fun it was for everyone.  PCL strives to make our staff and children feel like a family and let them know we love them, support them, but also know how to HAVE FUN!  I encourage you to prayerfully consider coming on this trip next year and being a part of it with us.  You will not be disappointed.

The boys heading to Khulen mountain with team member Zack.

Matt Nelson, PCL volunteer staff, alongside one of our children

Jake Stum, proudly biking with the Cambodian flag


What a view!  Worth the ride

Waterfall at the top of Khulen Mountain


PCL American team, Volunteer Staff, and children from our Chidren’s Home


Headed down the mountain


The official race was on Saturday.  This is PCL’s director, Dr. Fred Garmon, with our kids who had just finished the race.


Dr. Garmon, Matt Nelson and several of the Common Grounds Staff before the Angkor Wat Half Marathon (also 3K and 10K)


This is one of our staff member’s daughters.  She wanted her dad to pull her on this pink bike through the entire 10k race.  He did it… successfully!


Trae Cody (from Cleveland, TN) and one of our boys before the race

PCL American team with some of our staff and children 


Catie Nelson and myself (Abby Fletcher) with some of the PCL younger girls and one of our widows


Actions speak louder than words!  This is one of our youngest boys headed towards the finish of the 10K.  He FLEW through the race and clearly… had a blast doing it!  


Two of our Common Grounds staff  representing Build a City with their t-shirts!


This race also includes Landmine Victims participants.  It was powerful and motivating to see these few men race and complete the difficult task.  

Ryan and Ciara McDonald have been volunteering with PCL this past year.  They trained for 3 months prior to this race to complete their first half marathon ever!  What a proud moment!  They head home to the USA in two weeks.

Our youngest boy from the home with Dr. Fred.  He grabbed his hand towards the finish line and ran with him the rest of the way.

Our two Matts.  Matt Bohlman, on the right, is our Children’s Home Director.

The big PCL family!  




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