Our Integrated Farm in Takam
Nov 26

As part of our education efforts in Cambodia we are growing small test plots of vegetables at our integrated farm in Takam.  The success of these vegetables means several possibilities for the Cambodian villagers in the neighboring communities.  If they decide to grow their own crops during the dry season there are 3 major benefits that they could experience.  The first is valuable addition of nutrients to their diet, the second is a source of income from the sale of their produce, and the third is a potential feed source for their livestock. All three of these possibilities embody PCL’s goal of Giving the Poor a Working Chance…

 Below is a photo journal documenting the different stages of growth from planting to harvesting of our main test crop – Corn.
Making hills for the corn.
Sor admiring our handiwork.
Corn seedlings emerge.
Corn and beans.  (Companion planting)
Corn needs a lot of water.  Thank you rainy season!
Corn after 10 weeks.
It’s harvest time!  San was a huge help in the process.
The corn shucking master!  (aka San’s daughter)
The first ever corn harvest in Takam Village, Cambodia
Lunch time!
-Ryan McDonald
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