Integrated Farm
Dec 02

One of PCL’ s goals is to provide training and start-up funds for self-employment opportunities for those who otherwise have no hope of supporting themselves or their families. Opportunities for employment are most available in such fields as hotel management, woodworking, hairdressers, massage therapists, nail techs, mechanics, air conditioning repair, bicycle and motorcycle repair, and of course english as a second language & computer knowledge is always needed for jobs in the hotel and tourism industry.

Along with these initiatives,we have also developed an Integrated Farm to train locals how to support their families through farming.

PCL, working with Lee University Business Students launched an Integrated-Farm in 2011. The farm includes pigs, chickens, and a fishery, along with numerous fruit trees and soy plants. Through this process we have a fully functional farm where we teach locals to provide for not only themselves but their community as well.

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